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beautiful eye makup

Big selection of premium Eyelashes and Eyebrows extensions at competitive prices

Astra Lash London is a provider of a big range at very good quality of Eyelashes extensions at very competitive prices. From simple false Eyelashes and Eyebrows to Y & W Lashes and Ellipse Flat (extremely soft), like Kashmir touch, and others ...
We supply our Eyelashes to make-up artists, eyelash extension technicians, beauty salons and other professionals all over the UK, EU, and worldwide.
Astra Lash London provide great natural looking false Eyelashes with a Kashmir touch, easy-to-apply lashes at competitive wholesale prices, so that you can provide your own customers with the exciting and much sought-after Semi Permanent Eyelash extensions treatment.

Most of our trays have 16 lines and not 10/12 lines as others so it makes 4 lines for free on each tray.

Our price are very very competitive.

Astra Lash will prefer orders through the website not over the phone to avoid misunderstanding. Any inquiries by email not by telephone.

Postage: We are not interested to make any profit from postage.
Over payment will be fully refunded.