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How to book AstraLash products and pay through website?

  1. For booking product, click the “ADD to Cart” button. In this way go to the product page and continue the shopping and now all the products, clicked the “ADD to Cart” button will store at “CART”.
  2. AT the top right corner, there is “Shopping Cart”, in below the link shows the no of items with amount. On click the link, the details can be visible.
  3. Here the “View Cart” and “Checkout” link are there. Click at “View Cart” link to see the details of the products and amount. Here one can edit, update or delete the no of products. On click the “Checkout” link, it proceeds for payment and booked the product online.
  4. For “Checkout”, you have to create an account otherwise you can checkout through “Guest”.

Please place your order using our online shop, or call us on 020 8349 2422.